circus maximus

The Circus Maximum in Rome is still the largest sports stadium ever constructed.

circus maximus

It was used for the execution of captives, including as Christians and Jews, as part of the Roman Triumph, as well as chariot racing. Historians estimate that the Circus Maximum could house 150,000 - 250,000 people at any given time. This implies it might house more spectators than North Korea's Rungrado May Day Stadium, the world's largest capacity stadium, which can hold around 114,000 people.

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Additionally, beets have been demonstrated to aid the body's detoxification process.

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Ebook sales have plummeted. (Sorry, Internet trolls!)

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Did you Know? The Xavier School is prone to exploding.


In comparison to a moisturizer, serums have a higher concentration of active substances.

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Who is a spiritual person?

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Cleopatra's fashionable crimson lip was made of crushed beetles.

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Malevolent spirits are not permitted.

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Did you know.... Bill Murray is not represented by an agent.

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There is a possibility of life on the Mars

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Neurologists understand that visualization leads to a better future.

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Did you know? The Dance was only for the wealthy

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Collagen Fillers include


The part of the eye that limits the amount of light that reaches the retina is called


Is it possible to catch freshwater flatfish?

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And some pirates did have hooks and wooden pegs.


Rotation Of Constellations A Matter of Perspective

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Jaivana is the world's largest mobile cannon.

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Chia seeds are sproutable.

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You are more creative solving the problems of others than your own.


Chamomile tea helps aid digestion.

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It gained popularity following Audrey Hepburn's memorable scene in Sabrina (1954).


Blood is required for fingernail survival.


Hypnosis has been around since the 18th century.

Innovative Country

The World's Most Innovative Country