The first piece of music to use the trombone in an orchestra was Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.


The instrument was first used in the Fifth Symphony in C Minor by Ludwig van Beethoven, which was composed between 1804 and 1808.

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toilet paper

Only 70–75 percent of the world's population uses toilet paper.


It's possible that your blueberry jam wasn't actually made with blueberries!

Fragrant Harbour

'Fragrant Harbour' is what Hong Kong signifies.


In most cases, stomach ulcers do not show any symptoms.

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Certain bacteria and drugs can cause ulcers

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Did you Know? There was a Marvel and DC crossover.

rattlesnake, snakes, reptiles

They sense vibrations to "hear"

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The National language of Taiwan is Mandarin


Indonesia is the most active region on the Pacific Ring of Fire.


In 2022, Halloween participation will reach pre-pandemic levels.

differentiate universe galaxy and the solar system, planet universe galaxy order, universe galaxy so

The temperature across the Universe is the same.

souffle, National Chocolate Soufflé Day, National Cheese Souffle Day

Soup days are observed all around the world.


Ulcers spread to further areas of the human body.

Dresses, traditional Dresses, mens Dresses, orignal dresses

Did you Know? In 19th century dresses took a dramatic shape.


Tokyo offers some of the best restaurants in the world.

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Fun Fact! Obama's favourite superhero is Spider-Man.

Bhutan,  Vajrayana Buddhism, Buddhism, religion, Bhutanese, Buddhist

Bhutan only removed its prohibition on television and the Internet in 1999.

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Harvard is an empire in itself

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Did you Know? Disney Princesses don't make eye contact with each other.

retinol, collagen

Retinoids should always be applied at night.



machu, picchu, machupicchu, pachacuti, inca, yupanqui, empire, roman

Fun Fact! Machu Picchu Was Never “Lost”


You are more likely to overlook Mount Fuji.

lotion, Moisturizing, vitamin C, collagen,  wrinkles,  skin suppleness

Don't forget the serum.

uranus, collided, north, south, planet, universe, solar system, seasonal

Uranus is not the most distant planet, but it is the coldest.