The Inuit diet is spreading quickly.


In Greenland, 11% of the population is not Inuit. As a result, any Inuk who lives in Greenland has the opportunity to have new dining experiences, however even this hasn't significantly changed their traditional diet. Because it is difficult to get vegetables and fruit in cold, remote places, anthropologists and other experts have concluded that the Inuit diet has remained mostly unchanged over the centuries and consists predominantly of meat and fish.

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Male spiders

Male spiders enjoy giving gifts.

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Women spend more than twice as much time as men on unpaid labor around the world.


What Exactly Is A Resonance?

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Apple custard

Apple custard includes magnesium

taste buds

By altering brain cells, scientists can switch tastes on and off.

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The total length of tubing in a trumpet would be approximately 6 1/2 feet if stretched out completely.

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Curtains and blinds from the past

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La Llorona

Have you heard the legends of La Llorona

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The Pokémon Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are named after Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, respectively.

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Shower before your Gynecologist appointment.

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Retinoids should always be applied at night.

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It's home to India's only legitimate two-wheeler taxis


People are divided on whether Santa dwells in the North Pole or in Finland.


Germany Has 1,000 Varieties Of Sausages!