budapest, synagogue, Jewish temple, Europe

Budapest has a hidden underground world.

budapest, synagogue, Jewish temple, Europe

A hidden subterranean world, a maze of over 200 caverns, lies beneath the city of Budapest. The caverns were formed as a result of the abundance of geothermal springs in the area. Many of these caves are accessible to the public for guided spelunking excursions. The most intriguing of these is the underground labyrinth beneath Castle Hill in Budapest Old Town. The 6-mile-long Budavari Labirintus has had a turbulent history. The underground labyrinth was used as a prehistoric shelter, a cellar and a prison in medieval times, a military hospital during WWII, and a command post during the Cold War. In recent years, the Labirintus has been transformed into a museum showcasing Budapest's rich history. The Labyrinth was raided an

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