Optical technology underlies it


Mirrors and light are the primary components used in kaleidoscope construction. Kaleidoscopes are a fantastic way to reflect things when combined with a few more materials.

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Did you Know? Popcorn were invented by indigenous people of America


Does this resemble niacin in any way?

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Fun fact! Suicide is committed by certain cells.

gynecologist, OB-GYN

Shower before your Gynecologist appointment.

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Did you Know the Fact about the Creation of Humans?

 sperm whales

The excreta of sperm whales was used in perfumes

 dragon flags

One of only three dragon flags in the world.

Pune, India, city

The Oxford of the East is Pune.

Halloween, pet, costume

The parade of costumes is led by princesses and Spiderman.

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The highest Spanish mountain is not in Spain.

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Did you Know? Tomb Raider is the creation of just six people

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Did you know.... Life Under the Seafloor


The part of the eye that limits the amount of light that reaches the retina is called

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Doctor Strange lost his left eye, and Dormammu took up residence in his eye socket.

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Did you Know? Munitions girls kept football alive throughout World War I.

Buzz Aldrin.

A conspiracy theorist was once punched in the face by Buzz Aldrin.

Coconut trees

Coconut trees are enormous!

rattlesnake, snakes, reptiles

Arizona Has More Species Than Anywhere Else.


Microfiber is incredibly environmentally friendly.




Microfiber cleans smooth surfaces of 99 percent of germs.

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Did you know.... Bill Murray is not represented by an agent.

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Did you Know? One individual survived both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings.

 most visited country

The seventh most visited country on the planet