myanmar, pagodas, kingdom, pagan, buddhism, temples, burmese, burma, thanaka, magic

The joys of driving and crossing the roads in Myanmar

myanmar, pagodas, kingdom, pagan, buddhism, temples, burmese, burma, thanaka, magic

Myanmar was ruled by the British for more than a century and therefore adopted some of their customs and traditions. One of these is the style of driving. Just like their former colonial masters, early vehicles drove on the left.

The vast majority of other countries drive on the right.

Then just as abruptly as the capital moved to Naypyidaw, one day in 1970, the government announced that all cars will drive on the opposite side of the road. So now, the driving is on the right.

In theory, this may not sound like such a big deal when you remember this change happened 40 years ago.
But in reality, it is a problem.


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