Alaska has the most volcanoes of any state.


When you think of volcanoes, you might think of Hawaii, but Alaska, Hawaii's Pacific neighbour, has around 130 volcanoes, 50 of which have been active since roughly 1760. These active volcanoes account for over 75% of all volcanic eruptions in the United States over the last 200 years. In the past, this has caused significant problems with aviation and oil production, resulting in millions of dollars in damage from volcanic ash.

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The Spaniards tend to speak loudly

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It's a pain to color red hair.

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Did you Know! Boys benefit greatly from silence.

endangered creatures

Over 100 endangered creatures live in Indonesia.

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Did you Know? The Taj Mahal was camouflaged as a bamboo stockpile during WWII.


A well-maintained porcelain piece can last over 1,000 years!

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The popularity of crochet is rising!

fibre optics.

A Hong Kong professor devised fibre optics.

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Have you heard about Honeycomb Shades?

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Did you Know? Belle preferred beast in his animal form rather than in human form.

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Did you Know? Joker was almost cancelled.

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Beneficial for Diabetics

Tamil Nadu

Only district bordering Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

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The edible leafy tips of beetroots are bursting with vitamin K

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Did you Know? Indian Ocean have Limited Marine life

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Sagittarians are more likely to become child stars.


Home births are still popular in the Netherlands

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Cairo is the largest city in Africa and the Middle East


The Pinnacle of Architectural Ingenuity

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Lord Howe Island stick insect was thought extinct until 2001!


Toothbrushes Made of Nylon It first appeared in 1938.


From left to right, Hindi is written in Devanagari script, which has 11 vowels and 33 consonants.

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Ham's aroma might make your dish "taste" saltier.

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Holy books, gay flags, and no beer

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Did you Know? Tamil Nadu is India's industry powerhouse