The light

The light is the world's most effective light source.

The light

The light is the world's most effective light source. The chemical reaction's energy is nearly entirely released as light.

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This man has the Stretchiest skin you could ever see!

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The actor who played Obi-Wan Kenobi, Sir Alec Guinness, despised Star Wars.

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As a student, Homi J Bhabha collaborated with a Nobel Prize winner.

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The most common cause of spinal cord injury is car accidents.

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Beagles are avid hunters.

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Sophie Turner's Direwolf Adopted Her

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Did you Know? The lower levels of Black sea are nearly biologically dead.

Lowbush berries

Lowbush berries are mainly produced in Canada.

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Almond flour is an excellent gluten-free substitute for wheat flour!

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When Einstein died, his brain was stolen.


They are pink because of beta-carotene.

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Pigeons were maybe the first domesticated bird.

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Persian carpets' quality has not changed, but their purpose has.

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Inspired by Birmingham The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

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You have detergents in your intestines

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Alcohol misuse is exacerbated by insomnia.

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Alzheimer's disease affects the brain's straucture

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Fun fact! Suicide is committed by certain cells.


Color is essential.


Formula-fed babies grow more quickly.

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The reason of death of Homi J Bhabha is still being discussed.


Microfiber cleans at the molecular level using electrostatics.

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Did you Know? Assassin's Creed have been 20 games on 15 platforms

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Roses are one of the oldest flowers .

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Did you Know? There is a thin ring around Jupiter