Sixth fact about kaleidoscopes: Greek roots for the word


Its origins are in the Greek words kalos, eidos, and skopios, which translate to "beautiful shape."

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Hira Halwai for the delicious Samosa

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Cholesterol and fats are completely different

Persian rugs

Persian rugs on display Unchanging Patterns

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A human could swim through a blue whale's veins.

 dragon flags

One of only three dragon flags in the world.

sea lampreys

Humans are not attacked by sea lampreys

Blood Purification

Blood Purification and Insect Bites

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Limes float, but lemons sink.

chia seeds

Yes, chia seeds were used to create chia pets

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One of the most effective marketing campaigns in history began with a blunder.

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In the US there is a two-year-old mayor

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Swiggy rebounded


Amaltas heals intestinal conditions


Quebec is more than just French... There are also many Irish individuals here!

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Did you Know? One of the Greek Mythology Facts is that they had a difficult childhood


Cleopatra Was Not Egyptian

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Did you Know? The Largest Parrot of the World Can’t Fly.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's national flag is one of the world's oldest.

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan conquered India, right?


Surgery on the pancreas is extremely challenging.

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In Uganda, the title for “king” is “Omukama,” which means “superior milkman”.

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Women are less likely to hold positions of power in business.

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Snack-sized pockets are now available.

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Some myths even claim that Goddess Durga visited her birthplace on Earth along with her children Lakshmi, Ganesha, Kartik, and Saraswati

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Beagles are avid hunters.