The First Electric Toothbrush Didn't Work


The first 'electric' toothbrush was created and sold in 1880 by an English doctor named Dr. Scott. Dr. Scott's Electric Toothbrush was marketed as the world's first electric toothbrush, however, it did not require or utilize electricity. Dr. Scott's toothbrush had a magnetic iron-rod handle but otherwise looked and felt like any other manual toothbrush. Dr. Scott's Electric Toothbrush, predictably, did not catch on. Decades later, in 1954, Swiss dentist Dr. Phillippe G. Woog created the Broxodent, the first true electric toothbrush. The Broxodent was directly attached to an outlet and ran on live power. Broxodent, which was designed for people with restricted mobility, sold quite well

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