Bhutanese citizens are required to wear their national costume.


In the 1990s, the King issued a proclamation requiring all Bhutanese to adhere to traditional norms, including attire and behaviour. Riots erupted as a result in the Nepalese community. As a result, 100,000 Bhutanese of Nepalese descent were pushed into exile. According to National Geographic, the Bhutanese government was chastised for this. Bhutanese are still required to wear national costume to work and visiting monastic sites - a judo-style suit known as gho for men and a silk jacket known as kira for ladies. However, none of the Bhutanese I spoke with felt constrained by these norms. In fact, they appear to be truly proud of their country. I tried on the kira in a traditional costume shop in Thimphu and even purchased one. It&

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