Asteroids come in a variety of varieties.


All asteroids are categorised into numerous classes based on their chemical makeup and albedo. In a nutshell, there are three basic categories of asteroids: metal, silicon, and carbon. Carbon asteroids have very black surfaces. About 75% and 17% of all known asteroids fall within the first two groups.

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Did you Know? Chile’s Andes Mountains Has Some Of The World’s Largest And Still Active Volcanoes

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Did you Know? Spiderman debuted in India in 2004.

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Book publishers adore sending books to reviewers!


Eyebrows have a crucial function.

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Cures urinary issues

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Noah Webster studied 26 languages in order to write his dictionary.

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One of the best sources of dietary antioxidants

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Did you Know? Chai or tea is an ancient drink


What exactly is monkeypox?

eye patches

Pirates wore eye patches.

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They are suitable for breakfast.

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Bangkok is called the 'Venice of the East'

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Did you Know! Gravity on earth actually varies.


Bulgaria is where the Cyrillic script first appeared.

The light

The light is the world's most effective light source.

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Some lobsters are cannibals.

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Did you know.... Snails may sleep for years without eating.


Prior to being used worldwide, silk was first created in ancient China.

Bronte sisters

Two out of the three Bronte sisters had governess jobs.

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In southern England, over 37,000 people gather at Stonehenge to see the summer solstice.

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Did you Know? Indian Ocean have Limited Marine life

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Dolores Umbridge Finally Went To Azkaban

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Exercise Forestalls Migrane

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Did you know? Because of Tiana, about 50 children were admitted to the hospital.

Genghis Khan

Why is Genghis Khan a famous name?