This herb has various applications. There are several benefits that thyme can provide, including the ability to stop diarrhea, treat infections, treat kidney stones and gout, treat coughs and colds, lower bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, alleviate menstrual cramps, combat depression, and anxiety, as well as soothe sore throats.

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The apple did not fall on Newton's head.

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Conspiracy theories are nothing new.

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Did you Know? Colors can affect energy and blood pressure


Can you determine how many calories there are in a bag of Halloween candy?


What exactly is niacinamide?

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No One Knew! Peter Parker's Parents Worked for S.H.I.E.L.D.


Originally, Sofia was known as Serdika.


Cern Is Within Its Boundaries

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Many people subscribe to conspiracy theories.


What is the significance of the name Bamboo?

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The most feared pirate of all time was Blackbeard.

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Insomnia can be inherited.


Meat unexpectedly showered down on a Kentucky location near Rankin in Bath County in 1876.


Persians were also recognised as innovators in the fields of refrigeration, cooling, and ventilation.

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Exercise Can Help Reduce Anxiety


Your Gynecologist isn't concerned about how you look.


Formula-fed babies grow more quickly.

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It's okay to choose a salicylic acid-containing toner if your skin tends to be oilier.

Persian carpets'

Persian carpets' quality has not changed, but their purpose has.


The world's first human rights charter was created by the Persians

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Sylvia Plath published her first poem when she was eight years old.

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Most popular Instagram hashtag


What is the face of Islam in Tunisia?


Ulcers are not caused by stress.

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Butterflies have a short lifespan.