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Did you Know? Greece is the biggest producer of Olives

greece facts, facts about greece, greek islands, greek facts, facts about greeks, greece islands

Since 3500 BC, the Greeks have been cultivating olives. On the island of Crete, it all began. For thousands of years, olives have been an important element of the Greek diet, and the ancient Greeks even referred to olive trees as sacred. Greece is now the world's third-largest producer of olive oil (after Spain and Italy) and has more olive types than any other country. already drooling

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Did you Know? China can restore your virginity.

Bronte, sisters, Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily, Pensionnat Héger, Brussels, Belgium, liter

It was believed that the three "Bells" belonged to the same person.

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Did you Know? Albert Einstein had a propensity of bingeing on food.

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Largest display of toothpick sculptures

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Nevermind was released alongside several other classic albums on the same day.

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A black hole cannot be seen directly.

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Buddha wasn’t chubby


What Is the Weight of a Fairyfly?

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Did you Know the Origin of iPhone?

cashew seeds

Cashews include around 21% protein, 46% fat, and 25% carbs


This may seem perplexing but pay close attention... Quebec is another name for Quebec City.


The origin of all plants is algae.

female chihuahua, Milly, Vanesa Semler, Dorado, Puerto Rico.

Smallest dog living on earth!

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221B Baker Street is a fictitious address.

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Medication + gut health = frenemies


Originally, it was spelled "Gundom."


Cambodia's flag is the only one in the world with a structure on it.

cataracts, eye, injury, operation

In 1747, the first modern cataract surgery was carried out.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brasilia,  capital

Cidade Maravilhosa is Rio's nickname.

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Did you Know? Your bones are more durable than steel.


Germany Has The World’s Largest Cathedral

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The smallest dog breed in the world is the chihuahua.

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Did the French Create Film?

ulcers, bacteria, pain, infection

The most typical cause of ulcers is a bacterial infection.