A Swedish beverage outsells Coca-Cola.


Coca-Cola is an unexpected brand that takes a back seat in Sweden, at least during the Christmas season. While many countries enjoy traditional holiday beverages such as Egg Nog or Mulled Wine, Julmust, a carbonated beverage or soda, is Sweden's yuletide drink of preference. Julmust is a fermented malt drink similar to root beer that is alcohol-free. In December, it sells 45 million litres more than Coke and every other soft drink brand combined. Julmust then goes missing for a few months before reappearing at Easter as Pskmust - the same drink in a different bottle! 75% of'must' is consumed in December, with the remaining 25% consumed whenever Easter falls. Outside of these hours, the drink is nearly tough

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One of the most powerful natural resources



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Did you Know? OM is the sound of Universe

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Budapest provides free public transportation to all EU citizens over the age of 65.

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Dust mites do not bite people and are not parasites.


Collagen helps to firm your skin.

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Redheads do not age.

 tourist destinations

One of the world's most promising new tourist destinations


Rotation Of Constellations A Matter of Perspective

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Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus

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Money and more money for Harvard


Every year, 1 billion toothbrushes are discarded in the United States alone.

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Love of crochet will inevitably result in an uncontrollable compulsion to buying yarn.

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Beneficial to Heart Health


Breastfeeding mothers benefit from a small amount of formula.

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The Oscars Are Held in the Dolby Theatre in Downtown Hollywood

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The Antarctic environment depends on krill as a food supply.

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Athena was born differently from her siblings: she was the consequence of a headache.

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Persian carpets have a long history