stingrays, carnivorous, beach

A Touchy Topic Is Stingray Touch Tanks

stingrays, carnivorous, beach

At best, there is debate on the research on whether or not stingrays enjoy being touched. For instance, research from the AZA-certified Shedd Aquarium in Chicago suggested that the animals don't suffer from their contact with people and may even enjoy them in 2017. 5 However, only a year later, 34 of the 42 cow nose stingrays that were part of the touch exhibit at the aquarium unexpectedly passed away. 

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Home births are still popular in the Netherlands

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Did you Know? Wonder Woman was inspired by a Ménage a Trois

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Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds aid with weight reduction.


What is the significance of the name Bamboo?

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It’s home to the world's happiest animal!


Microfiber cleans at the molecular level using electrostatics.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds Aid in Lactation

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Don't forget the serum.

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Persian rugs are Exceptionally  Built

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South Koreans are Asia's largest drinkers.

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The Hindi alphabetical table is known as 'Varnmala,' which means 'Garland of letters.'

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Did you know.... What was the first electric automobile in India?


Chamomile tea helps aid digestion.

Girls' School

In Pune, the First Girls' School in India was established.

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The Dutch consume the most liquorice in the world


Collagen promotes elastin production.

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Money and more money for Harvard

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The moonstone is a feminine gemstone.

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Retinoids should always be applied at night.

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For their pet, one in every five people will purchase a costume.

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The Carolingian Empire's growth in the ninth century may have paved the way for the Vikings.

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Many elements of Taiwanese life are influenced by Chinese culture


Optical technology underlies it

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First best female director