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Around 18 dynasties ruled over south India

southindia, breakfast, dish, upma, uttapam, idly, dosa, richesttemple, gold, ornaments, sreepadmanab

South India was ruled by approximately 18 dynasties. Southern India's history spans more than four thousand years, during which time the region witnessed the rise and fall of several empires, dynasties, and empires. Cheras, Pandyans, Cholas, Travancores, Chalukyas, Sathavahanas, Pallavas, Hoysalas, Kadambas, Wodeyars, Rashtrakutas, Kakatiyas, and the Vijayanagara Empire were the most important dynasties at various points in history. Furthermore, the Muslim empire rose in this region in 1323 CE, followed by the Nizams and British Empire in the 18th century.

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southindia, breakfast, dish, upma, uttapam, idly, dosa, richesttemple, gold, ornaments, sreepadmanab

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