nalanda university, nalanda, nalanda facts, oldest university

Nalanda University is one of the oldest universities in the world.

nalanda university, nalanda, nalanda facts, oldest university

Nalanda, one of the world's oldest ancient colleges, is being restored in rural Bihar. It was founded as a study center in the 5th century CE, when a major Buddhist monastery flourished on the site. The new Nalanda International University is scheduled to open in 2021/22 and will provide post-graduate courses in a wide range of topics.

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Did you Know? Indian Constitution is a living document



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The original logo of Starbucks was controversial.

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Green cashews are raw cashews.

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It took eight years to perfect the milk chocolate formula.

Niagara Falls

Daredevils Have Gone Barrel Down Niagara Falls


Pancreas means “all flesh” in Greek.

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Dr. Wayne Coates rediscovered chia in the 1990s.

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Gods and Goddesses Images


Bali has one of the highest densities of spas in the world.

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The most feared pirate of all time was Blackbeard.

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Earthern pots Oil savings and eventual health improvements.

The Hobbit

Inspired by Birmingham The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

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The reverence for the monarch is high in Bangkok


There are 176 universities worldwide that teach Hindi. 45 of these universities are from the United States.


In Tokyo, English is not widely spoken.

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Did you Know? Hitler's birth chart predicted his future.

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It’s illegal not to walk your dog at least three times a day in Turin, Italy

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Suffragettes saw lipstick as a symbol of women's liberation.


Animals can recognize themselves in Mirror

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Money can purchase happiness, but only to a degree.

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Did you Know? T-shirt got its name so because it resembled letter T.


Broccoli contains more vitamin C than an orange.

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The Dutch own more bicycles than any other country in the world

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North Korea owes Volvo a 45-year-old debt.