kratos, kratos facts, cratus, cratus greek, god of war, god of war facts, facts about god of war, fa

Did you Know? Kratos is based on the Greek god Cratus, and his name means "power."

kratos, kratos facts, cratus, cratus greek, god of war, god of war facts, facts about god of war, fa

Kratos is a video game character, although he is also based on literary works from Ancient Greek mythology. Cratus is Pallas and Styx's son. Pallus and Styx are respective war gods and underworld goddesses, while the name "Kratos" is also related with things like "strong" and "power." Although Kratos is inspired by his Ancient Greek counterpart, the two are not identical. Kratos despises the other gods and has an insatiable drive for power, whereas Cratus is an enforcer of the celestial throne.

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