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Did you Know? Nightwing Once, killed the Joker.

batman, batman facts, facts about batman, fun facts about batman, batman university, batman universi

Nightwing, like Batman, never murders criminals, no matter how heinous their crime. For years, the Joker has tortured the Bat-Family, but in the series Joker's Last Laugh, he pushed Dick Grayson too far. Dick is heartbroken after believing Tim Drake, Robin at the moment, to be dead. The Joker constantly teases him about it, pleading with him to attack him more. Nightwing keeps beating the Joker until Tim reveals himself. Dick discovers he isn't dead after all, but it's too late. He assassinated the Joker. The Joker's heart is restarted and he is sent to prison, but Dick can't get over the idea that he murdered a criminal. He feels humiliated that he succumbed to anger and vengeance rather tha

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