the iron maiden, iron maiden, iron maiden facts,

Did you Know? The Iron Maiden Wasn't a Thing

the iron maiden, iron maiden, iron maiden facts,

No, this alleged torture gadget did not exist. The widespread usage of the term "mediaeval" is a typical 18th-century fiction, fueled by conceptions of the Middle Ages as a generally uncivilised era of murder and mayhem. (They weren't awful, but they weren't great.)

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The English language received the term "serendipity" from Sri Lanka.

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No such thing as a Teacup Chihuahua exists.

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There are several varieties of crust.


The probiotics industry is enormous.

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Elizabeth White, botanist, Frederick Coville, New Jersey, USA

It wasn't until 1916 that blueberries were cultivated (highbush).

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Make Up And Ancient Egyptians

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The Harissa people's homeland


You can get the best skin ever with kiwis.


The Stockholm metro also serves as an art gallery.

Don Quixote, Don Quixote book, Don Quixote one piece

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Don't forget the serum.


The International Book Fair in Kolkata

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Did you Know? Cutting your hair does not influence how fast your hair will grow.

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Certain Sleep Positions May Leave Lines

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Albert Einstein's theories are more important than you may realise.


Until the nineteenth century, it was illegal in Europe to mix gold with other metals.