kites facts, facts about kites, kites, kite facts, facts of kites,

Did you Know? There is a windless Kite festival too!

kites facts, facts about kites, kites, kite facts, facts of kites,

Flying kites without wind is difficult in the open air. However, at the Windless Kite Festival, kites can be flown indoors even if there is no wind. Every year, this festival takes place on the Longbeach Peninsula.

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 Basketball football.

Fun Fact! Basketball was first played using a football.

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Pigeons, Mesopotamian, hypothesis, domesticated, Scientists

Pigeons fly quickly.

birmingham, Venice, Italy, United Kingdom, England

Tennis was invented on a Birmingham lawn.

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Sunflowers are used medicinally.

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The gorgeous sea turtles may be found in nearly every ocean basin on the planet.


Chihuahuas have floppy ears from birth.

harvard, harvard university, harvard acceptance rate, harvard pilgrim, harvard business review, harv

Harvard is an empire in itself

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Animal Creatures Are Stingrays

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Did you know that gum disease affects more than just your gums?

pigeons, Mesopotamian, hypothesis, domesticated, Scientists

Pigeons can recognise their own images.

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Did you Know? Glass gem corn exists!

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Hernias come in a variety of forms.


Microfiber cleans smooth surfaces of 99 percent of germs.

wolf howl, moon and wolf,

Wolves do not howl at the moon.