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Did you Know? There is actual Lora Croft, living somewhere in Derby, England

tomb raider, tomb raider facts, facts about tomb raider, lara croft, facts about lara croft, lara cr

The purchase of Core's parent company by Eidos Interactive in 1996 was the final step in Lara's evolution. Laura Cruz was replaced because Eidos wanted the game to appeal to a wider audience in the United Kingdom. So, how did they come up with Lara's new surname in the United Kingdom? The Core team in Derby, England, took out a phone book and began looking for names that sounded similar to Laura Cruz. They landed on Lara Croft, and all of a sudden, some random Derbyite became famous.

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Did you Know? Blind people experience more sensory dreams.


Copper is a low-key household essential.

San Marino, Saint Marinus, Rimini, Italy

It is one of the world's tiniest countries.

Girls' School

In Pune, the First Girls' School in India was established.

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Many Gods Of Ancient Egypt

Agoraphobia, phobia, social anxiety, anxiety, fear

Do you know about Acrophobia?

exorcist, Exorcist, Exorcist movie, Exorcist haunted, Exorcist facts

Did you Know? The set of The Exorcist was haunted.



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Did you Know! The sun has layers.

hot pocket, hot, warm, chunk stuffers

The most popular taste is pizza.

Your nails'

Your nails' ability to grow can be impacted by stress.

Cambodia, Cambodian, joy, country, marriage, culture, lifestyle

Nothing beats a traditional Cambodian wedding.

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Did you Know? Hawaii is the only American state that grows coffee.

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Hermione Has Become The Minister Of Magic

beetroot, beet

The betalain in beetroots might cause your feces to darken.


Make your own clip-in extensions clip-ins at home.

chia seed

Chia seeds are sproutable.

 Fennel seed

Fennel seeds help with digestion.

Oscars, Oscars facts, Oscars winner, Oscars winner announcements

Did you Know? Oscars Winners used to be announced before ceremony.

candle, candles, romans, wax


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The acid in your stomach is strong enough to burn your skin

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What Is the Effect of Catnip?

ice hotel

There is an ice hotel.

creative writing, athletics, brain function

You are more creative solving the problems of others than your own.

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Even the Tongue can get Fat.