r2d2, mechanical, language, english, jerk, beeps, whistles

R2-D2 used to speak English and was a jerk.

r2d2, mechanical, language, english, jerk, beeps, whistles

The R2-D2 that we all know and love only talks in beeps and whistles, a mechanical language that most of his companions comprehend. However, in the first draught of Star Wars, written in 1974, R2-D2 talked in whole words. Even more concerning, he was not the endearing wuss he would eventually become. He was a bit of a bully, berating his friend C-3PO with taunts such as, "You're a stupid, useless philosopher," and "You're nothing more than a dimwitted, emotion-filled academic." My reasoning systems cannot explain why you were formed." Sheesh, can you please tone it down a notch?

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