hernias, abdominal walls

eat healthy to save yourself from hernia

hernias, abdominal walls

Eat a healthy, balanced diet; exercise frequently; use good form while lifting objects that are heavy; and, if you have a persistent cough, consult your doctor.

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A Panther is a Jaguar or a Leopard.


Different Constellations Become Visible Throughout The Year

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Walt Disney Was Afraid of Mice

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Did you Know? Ketchup Was Sold in the 1830s as Medicine

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Glass is completely recyclable.

Female spiders

Female spiders have a voracious appetite.

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Sleep experts have discovered a direct link between people’s favourite sleeping positions and their personalities

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Bhutan only opened to tourism in the 1970s.

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Santa has a valid pilot's licence.

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Did you Know? Thousands of languages are spoken in India.

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Lyndon B. Johnson drove a water-surfing automobile.

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Flowers are produced by Venus flytraps.

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Did you Know? Forest covers more than half of South Korea.


Many People with ADHD Have Trouble Sticking To Healthy Routines

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Have you ever heard of Palm wine?

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Did you Know? Some of the rocks of Black sea are at least 540 million years old

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Stray dogs are simple to train.

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Solar System Scaling

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Did you Know? India is the home to one of the hottest chills in the world.

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It's a pain to color red hair.

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Rio has the world's bluest sky.

Obesity Risk

Obesity Risk in Formula-Fed Babies


Rare Are the Deadly Rattlesnake Bites

Bhutan,  Vajrayana Buddhism, Buddhism, religion, Bhutanese, Buddhist

Bhutan is a Buddhist country with deeply held beliefs.