Even more "folded" than the human brain, the dolphin brain existed millions of years before


Even more "folded" than the human brain, the dolphin brain existed millions of years before the emergence of humans. Scientists frequently gauge IQ by counting the "folds" in the brain.

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Horned lizards have an uncommon mode of protection.

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Mosquitoes can also hibernate:

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Flash is a buddy of Batman, yet he does not obey his 'rule.' 

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Deserts Of Egypt..have you heard about it?

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Black Holes Are Cool.

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In the UK, a majority of automobile trips are under five miles.

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The world's biggest beet is grown by a Dutchman.

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Did you Know? Shelley Blond, the voice behind Lara in the first game, only got to play her once.

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Did you Know? A ghost was a boys best friend

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You have detergents in your intestines

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hiding in the fog.


The copper content of New York's Statue of Liberty exceeds 80 tonnes.

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Michael Buble is Santa's favourite singer.


Migraines can be triggered by insomnia.

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Wolves do not howl at the moon.


Keeping a Diary Is Helpful

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Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa

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Did you Know? Chile Has One Of The Longest Coastlines In The World

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Do you know about Acrophobia?


Sometimes, heavy bleeding might be caused by stomach ulcers.

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Did you Know? Nintendo has been around for almost 130 years.


Germany Has 1,000 Varieties Of Sausages!

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Sylvia Plath chose June 16th for her wedding date in honor of James Joyce's Novel 'Ulysses'

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Pliny the Elder wrote the first reference to yogurt.