caviar, lobster, cilento mountain oregano, mozzarella cheese, and grains of pink Australian sea salt

It is impolite to leave a soiled dish in Japan

caviar, lobster, cilento mountain oregano, mozzarella cheese, and grains of pink Australian sea salt

Another etiquette guideline that struck me was the prohibition on covering your dishes with crumpled-up napkins and debris. That, according to our advisor, demonstrates a lack of regard for the restaurant workers and the meal they delivered. She recommended folding (or even tying a bow!) in our used napkins.

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Malta has been an independent country since 1964.

candy, khanda, sanskrit candy, orignal candy

The word candy belongs to a Sanskrit origin

mango, south india, portuguese, maanga, surya bai, king

The most beautiful fruit in India


Indonesia is the only spot on the planet where you may see the Komodo dragon in the wild.

redhead, red hair, ginger hair, women

Redhead ladies having more sex.

beetroot, beet

The betalain in beetroots might cause your feces to darken.

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was he a Caucasian?

korean, language, English, hangul, verb, Chinese

Formality is indicated by special nouns and verb endings.

extensions, hair, clip

Clip-ins have been around for quite some time!


Constellations Are Star Patterns In The Night Sky

fibre optics.

A Hong Kong professor devised fibre optics.

athena, athena goddess, about athena the greek goddess, greek gods, greek gods and goddesses, ancien

Athena Has Gorgon Medusa’s Head on Her Aegis

iguana, reptile

Do iguanas lay eggs or not?

zodiac, virgo, scorpio, chinese, language, hiring manager, feisty, critical, cancer, fbi, most dange

Benjamin Franklin predicted his rival's death.

disney facts, disney fact, disney, walt disney, disneyland, disneyland facts, facts about disneyland

Did you Know? Disneyland was originally opened on Sunday with total of 18 attractions.



air pollution

Up to 36,000 premature deaths due to air pollution occur in the UK each year.

leat, profitable, films, both, mars, planet, sci-fi, john carter, bomb, mars needs moms

The Two Least Profitable Films Both Take Place on Mars


Ulcers are not caused by stress.


Some flavors are available for a short period only.

metgala, metropolitan, museum, artcostume, fundraiser, fashiondepartment, december, 1948, fashionpub

How did the Gala become so glamorous?

godparticle, leonlederman, marketing, dickteresi, evil, character, expense

Did you know.... It's not the so-called "God particle." 

Pulp Fiction, Pulp Fiction cast, Pulp Fiction facts, Pulp Fiction movie, Pulp Fiction movie facts

Did you Know? A famous 'Pulp Fiction' shot was filmed in reverse.

arsenic improve skin

People once ate arsenic to improve their skin

stuart sutcliffe, scottish, painter, bassist, founding member, beatles, hamburg, germany, astrid kir

Stuart Sutcliffe was the name of the fifth Beatle.