No such thing as a Teacup Chihuahua exists.


There isn't a breed of teacup Chihuahuas, which may disappoint you if you've been looking for one. This is not a canine classification; it is a marketing gimmick. When searching for a puppy, it's crucial to keep in mind that all Chihuahuas are teacup-sized. Despite the fact that some people are smaller than average

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The 21st century's antibiotic will be a probiotic.

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Did you Know? There are more than 700 versions of Cinderella.


Kiwi can support strong bones.

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Who Residing With Fairyflies?

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Indian street dogs (Indian pariah dogs) are extremely alert & social.

Werther's Originals

Are Werther's Originals made with butterscotch?

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Did you Know? The first drive-in theatre opened in 1933.

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In China in the sixth century, toilet paper usage was first noted.


Optical technology underlies it

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Pirates had a sophisticated mail system and a retirement plan.


Tulsi is Helpful for Kidney Stones and Gouty Arthritis


JFK Was Not A Jelly Donut

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Preamblem of Indian Constitusion was inspired by US.

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The statues were finished in about 40 years by over 700,000 workers.

Gundam Technology

Gundam Technology is founded on actual science.

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San Marino is Europe's least visited country.

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The army of Terracotta It's not just the military.

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Bubble wrap was first used as wallpaper.

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Unlike common perception, Sherlock Holmes does not employ deductive reasoning.

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Only Luv Kush Temple exists.

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Did you Know? There is no such thing as curry powder.

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Did you Know? Some of the rocks of Black sea are at least 540 million years old

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Men often report greater financial confidence, particularly when making investment decisions.


Bamboo survived the Hiroshima nuclear test.


Sixth fact about kaleidoscopes: Greek roots for the word