Glass, sand, lime, soda, ash, high temperature

The solid is not glass

Glass, sand, lime, soda, ash, high temperature

Contrary to popular belief, glass is not categorized as a solid, liquid, or gas. Glass cools to become an "amorphous solid" that permits molecular movement within the glass.

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Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring

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In London, England, pencil sales increased by 700% in 2008.


In most cases, stomach ulcers do not show any symptoms.


Long before settlers arrived, first Nations peoples were already eating lowbush blueberries.

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Sunflowers are used medicinally.

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The jury is still out on whether those who believe in conspiracy theories may be persuaded to change their beliefs.

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If you have a face tattoo or have had facial surgery, you will need a new passport.


Beluga whales have a low dorsal ridge but no dorsal fins.

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Picky eaters have the potential to be "supertasters."


A relatively recent needlecraft is crocheting.

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Netflix executives used to have to make house calls.

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Samuel L. Jackson had a curse etched on his lightsaber.

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The pressure at the ocean's bottom would crush you like an ant.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds are used to treat foul breath.

vitamin D

The better, the more vitamin D you consume

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The word candy belongs to a Sanskrit origin

The United States

The United States is one of just eight countries in the world that does not mandate paid maternity leave.