perfumer, fresh, lillies, david holtz, scent, fragrance, soap, flowers, eugenol, baloney, musk, musk

Many jasmine notes are derived from coal tar

perfumer, fresh, lillies, david holtz, scent, fragrance, soap, flowers, eugenol, baloney, musk, musk

When perfumers try to derive the scent of a flower, many of its aspects are lost once it’s dried and pressed into oils. So perfumers try to add those characteristics back by adding notes which make it smell more realistic. One weird way that’s done in the case of white florals, is by using Indole. Derived from coal tar, this smells like camphor and mothballs when pure, and gives a fecal scent to enhance the intensity and depth of jasmine perfumes to make these fragrances smell more like the real flower.

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