World Cup, football

Messi and Ronaldo's final World Cup?

World Cup, football

Argentina and the icon of Paris Saint-Germain While Portugal's and Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, has yet to remark on his future in international football, Lionel Messi, 35, announced in October that Qatar 2022 will be his final appearance. Unquestionably, two of the best players to ever play the game are Messi and Ronaldo.

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A laser can become entangled in water.

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When writing with a pencil, many famous authors felt more inspired.

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They contain a tonne of antioxidants.

World Cup, football

Most people with titles

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Budapest is home to the continent's oldest metro line.

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Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls State Park is America's oldest.

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Hernias come in a variety of forms.

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There is a possibility of life on the Mars

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Rotation Of Constellations A Matter of Perspective


Collagen shields the skin from oxidation:

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Glass can decompose in a million years.

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The parade of costumes is led by princesses and Spiderman.

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Although it can be grown outside as well, this type of plant is typically kept indoors

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Color television was invented in Mexico.


There have been several one-hit wonders in the past.

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"Mount Sinai And The 10 Commandments "


Since 1868, Tokyo has served as Japan's capital.