almonds, milk, plant milk

Almonds are a great source of energy.

almonds, milk, plant milk

Almonds include manganese, copper, and riboflavin, which aid in energy generation and metabolic rate. We recommend keeping a container of almonds with you to give you a boost when you're feeling low on energy. Adding some whole unblanched almonds to your morning smoothie is a terrific way to start the day!

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Who is affected by monkeypox?

Audrey Hepburn

It gained popularity following Audrey Hepburn's memorable scene in Sabrina (1954).


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nevermind, nirvana, Sam Goody, Tower Records, Badmotorfinger, Soundgarden, Blood Sugar Sex Magik,  R

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Hindi is the fourth most widely spoken language, following English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

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There is a healthier option.

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An employer came under fire for refusing to hire certain signs.