Migraines can be triggered by insomnia.


According to a UNC poll on bad sleeping habits, those with poor sleep hygiene reported experiencing chronic headaches and feeling exhausted after waking up. Migraine patients who adjusted and improved their sleep hygiene regimens experienced significant reductions in headache frequency and intensity.

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Inuit have creative ways to get about.


One of the most prevalent metal combinations is gold-copper.


Topically applying it to your skin may be beneficial.

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Asia’s oldest amphitheater “Ranghar, Sibsagar”

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Did you Know? Hitler's birth chart predicted his future.

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Did you Know? Dogs can assist their owners in living longer lives.

World Cup, football

Holy books, gay flags, and no beer

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Did you Know? Lara's trademark braid had to be cut in the game.

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The word candy belongs to a Sanskrit origin

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Did you Know? Being in love is biochemically the same as having a severe obsessive compulsive disorder.

La Llorona

Have you heard the legends of La Llorona


Toothbrushes Made of Nylon It first appeared in 1938.

the plank.

They did not actually force people to walk the plank.


Malta has been an independent country since 1964.


Kimchi Comes in Over 180 Different Varieties

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Koreans use communal pronouns a lot.


Countless species, including fireflies, are bioluminescent,


How much water is present in fog?

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Did you Know? There's a bridge just for squirrels.

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Some butterfly species migrate in order to avoid the cold.


Swedes enjoy unusual marketing.

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Male fingernails grow more quickly than female ones.

Almonds, milk, plant milk

Milk can be made from almonds!

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There was an Objectionable American Role in the Indo-China War