netflix, socks, netflix socks, pulse, electronic device

"Netflix Made Special Socks That Pause Your TV Automatically When You Fall Asleep. "

netflix, socks, netflix socks, pulse, electronic device

The company made special socks that could detect when a user fell asleep and pause the show/movie so that they don't miss out on anything when they wake up. Known as ‘Netflix Socks’, this pair of socks comes with a sew-in electronic device that detects your pulse. 

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Did you know? The Dance was only for the wealthy

 Selçuk Efes Camel

Turkey has no native camels, however there is an annual camel wrestling festival.

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It was the first Asian country to make gay marriage legal in 2019

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76% of workplaces do not provide any type of help for menopausal symptoms.

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People used breadcrumbs to erase their mistakes before erasers were invented.

Mango grafting

Mango grafting also benefited from Mughal patronage.


Ulcers are not caused by stress.

Messi  international title

Messi has yet to win a big international title.

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Did you Know? Our bodies are quite similar.

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Did you Know? Monaco has the highest life expectancy in the world.

 Gundam Pilots Child Soldiers

The Gundam Pilots Are Essentially Child Soldiers

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James Bond is a jack of all trades, but not the best at them all.

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Anxiety Can Cause Physical Symptoms

Chamomile tea

Those who drink chamomile tea on a daily basis may benefit from it.


Formula-fed Babies Are More Content

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We may thank a famous author's brother for conspiracy theorists' tinfoil hats.


Yuba Bharati Krirangan Vivekananda (VYBK)

The Kepler

The Kepler telescope has discovered over 1,200 potential worlds, including 68 Earth-sized planets.

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You're Hiding a (Not So Great) Secret Under Your Skin


Kaleidoscopes Are Not Just a Kids' Toy


Cambodia's flag is the only one in the world with a structure on it.

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Wisdom teeth are problematic.


The biological cycling of nutrients in the Southern Ocean is significantly influenced by krill.

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Marie Curie carried out her most important research in a shed.