They make and consume a lot of chocolate.


It's no surprise that Switzerland is recognized across the world for its high-quality chocolate, but do you know how much chocolate is produced and consumed there? Approximately 180,000 tonnes of chocolate are produced each year, with an average of 11 kilos consumed by each person. A chocolate train is even available!

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Spanish conquerors devastated chia crops 500 years ago.


The city of Mysore hosts India's most renowned Dussehra celebrations.

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Do you know about Glossophobia

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The world's biggest beet is grown by a Dutchman.


Ashwagandha reduces blood sugar and fat levels.

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What Does Psychology Teach You?

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A well-known National Park


The Busiest Pedestrian Crossing in the World is in Tokyo.

Sea Lampreys

Sea Lampreys are captured and sterilised as well.

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Researchers cast dead bodies

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Apple Custard Enhances Cardiovascular Health

Snow Facts, Facts about snow, Did you know

Fun Fact! Snow flakes are not always unique.



maine, united states, america

Acceptance into the Union

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Albert Einstein's theories are more important than you may realise.

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Fun Fact! Clea and Doctor Strange: The Power Couple

chia seed

They contain a tonne of antioxidants.

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Bay Psalm is the most expensive Book ever Sold

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Did you know there are only two types of cells?


Are there any potential negative effects?