endangered creatures

Over 100 endangered creatures live in Indonesia.

endangered creatures

Indonesia, often known as the Lost World of Asia, is a haven for increasingly uncommon, unique, and simply stunning animals that are rapidly approaching dangerously dangerous levels of extinction. These animals include the Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Komodo Dragon, Orang-utans, anoa (the world's smallest buffalo), the lovely Merak or Peafowl, sea turtles, and Tarsius Tarsier (a small, adorable, big-eyed primate not unlike Dobby the house elf in Harry Potter). Surprisingly, while accounting for only 1% of the Earth's surface area, Indonesia's rainforests are home to 10% of all known plant species, 12% of all known mammal species, and 17% of all known bird species.

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