type 2 diabetes,  insulin, resistance, American Diabetes Association, strenuous exercise, weight red

Targeting dyslipidaemia effectively requires a careful selection of oral hypoglycemic medicines as well as dyslipidaemia-specific medications.

type 2 diabetes,  insulin, resistance, American Diabetes Association, strenuous exercise, weight red

The Heart Protection Study demonstrated how effective statins can be in lowering the risk of cardiovascular events in diabetics (Heart Protection Study Collaborative Group, 2002). There is now a compelling case for all diabetics, regardless of cholesterol content, to be administered a statin. Certainly, you should strive for a total cholesterol level of 5 mmol/l and an LDL cholesterol level of 3 mmol/l. As previously stated, it is equally critical to manage the combination of high triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol, and statins are inefficient at reducing this risk. A fibrate may be useful here, however, the combination of fibrate and statin may have substantial negative effects (myositis). Choosing oral hypoglycemic medications

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Isn't this the same as niacin?

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