Ronaldo  Museum

Ronaldo Has His Own Museum Dedicated to Him

Ronaldo  Museum

We all know Ronaldo has a massive ego, as evidenced by the fact that he erected his own museum in his honour in 2013. This is located in his hometown of Madeira and houses all of the trophies and accolades that he has received, totaling over 150 items. He also has plenty of room for further awards, which he will almost certainly add in the following years. The first thing spectators will see when they visit the museum, dubbed CR7, is his first trophy, which he won with his childhood team, Andorinha, when he was just eight years old. Another manifestation of his ego can be found in another museum, Museo de Cera, where he sends a hairdresser every 45 days to brush the hair of his life-size waxwork figure. The model is wearing genuine

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