Few people are aware that the Chhath Puja Festival is held twice a year. It is observed twice a year, once in the winter and once in the summer. Kartik Chhath is observed in October or November, while Chaiti Chhath Puja is observed after a few days after Holi.

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Hindi is the fourth most widely spoken language, following English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

fennel seed

Fennel seeds improve the look of the skin.

Snow facts, Facts about snow, Did you know

As per the Science, wet snow is best for the snowman.

folklore, horsemen. german, grimm, celtic, dullahan, american, headless deamon

Have you heard the legends of El Chupacabra?


A family with an Oscar


$8.8 billion in sales are anticipated for Halloween.



code of conduct.

Each pirate ship had its own set of rules and code of conduct.

gondwana, wollemia, jurassic, rainforest, national park, fossil, conservation of nature, ginkgo bilo

Scientists thought this dinosaur-era tree went extinct 150 million years ago — but then it was found growing wild in Australia.

red lips, lipstick, makeup

Christian saints warned that the lipstick was the devil's work.

godparticle, leonlederman, marketing, dickteresi, evil, character, expense

Did you know.... It's not the so-called "God particle." 

first theatre

Did you Know? The first public movie theater opened after the turn of 20th century

Fish, humans, nostrils, organs, water, smell

Much bony fish have multiple sets of nostrils.

pompeii, Giuseppe Fiorell, Italian, architect, Mount Vesuviu, pumice

The locals had Hollywood grins.

butterfly, chitin, protein,  insect exoskeleton, translucent

Butterflies have four wings rather than two.

Don’t Touch Me

Don’t Touch Me Plant is a very sensitive plant to the touch.

metgala, metropolitan, museum, artcostume, fundraiser, fashiondepartment, december, 1948, fashionpub

The Gala was not always held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

San Marino, Saint Marinus, Rimini, Italy

Saint Marinus, a stonemason, inspired the country's name.

largest parrot, largest bird

Did you Know? The Largest Parrot of the World Can’t Fly.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is home to 96 billionaires.

Crochet, Google Analytics, knitting, numbers, searches

There is a language specific to crocheting.

Terracotta Army

Farmers in the area made the discovery of Terracotta Army

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Within 5 minutes of waking up, 50% of your dream is forgotten


Silk has a built-in ability to control temperature.

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Money and more money for Harvard