nails, nail

The practice of biting your fingernails has a formal medical name.

nails, nail

Onychophagia. Between 25 and 30 percent of kids are thought to bite their nails regularly.

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Indonesia consists approximately 17,504 islands.

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Do you know about the cursed The Hands Resist Him Painting?


In Tokyo, English is not widely spoken.

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Better chances of winning the lottery than getting into Harvard

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Bangkok is the Massage paradise of the World


Hypnosis has been around since the 18th century.

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Younger is a fantastic TV show to watch if you're interested in publishing.

bubble wrap, bubble wrap facts

Bubble wrap was first used as wallpaper.


Can you combine niacinamide with other skin care components to get the best results?

Glass, sand, lime, soda, ash, high temperature

"Lightening Can Create Glass "


In Old Quebec, you may sleep in a nun's cell!

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Does spirituality have any impact on finding inner peace?

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Swiggy is successful in raising venture capital funding

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Did you Know? Tisanes are to tea what decaf is to coffee.

Sea Lamprey

The latin name for the Sea Lamprey is 'Stone Licker'

netflix, warehouse, secret, location, employees, dvd

"Employees Are Sworn To Secrecy On The Locations Of Their Warehouses. "

history, cat, egypt, encyclopedia, eyebrow, died, mourning, shave

Ancient Egyptians would shave off their eyebrows when their cats died

spanish, Spain, united states, Colombia

The World's Largest Exporter of Beer

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Did you Know? Indian Ocean Has Several Tectonic Plate Boundaries


Alaska has the most volcanoes of any state.

Pancreatic cell

Pancreatic cell damage is the cause of diabetes.

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For the Oxford English Dictionary, J.R.R. Tolkien researched the word etymologies.

Brahmaputra, assam, mahabaahu, muga, cruise

India’s first 5 star river cruise “M.V. Mahabaahu” on Brahmaputra

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Spain is the home of the world’s second most widely-spoken language

Snow Facts, Facts about snow, Did you know

Fun Fact! Snow flakes are not always unique.