World Cup, football

The most expensive World Cup in football history .

World Cup, football

According to Bloomberg, Qatar spent an astounding $300 billion (Rs 2442000 crore) on the World Cup's organization. According to Economic Times, building new stadiums cost $6.5 billion (Rs 530 crore). According to Forbes, Russia only spent $14.2 billion (Rs 115913 crore) on the 2018 World Cup's planning.

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Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe Buffay, Phoebe Buffay facts, Lisa Kudrow facts, Lisa Kudrow facts

Did you Know? Lisa Kudrow or Phoebe Buffay of FRINEDS didn't actually know how to play guitar.

Asteroid Belt

The first object of the Asteroid Belt was discovered on the first night of the 19th century

cupcakes, cakes, cake facts. cupcake facts, cake fact, bleuberry vake, cheesecake, cake, muffin. muf

Did you Know? World record for birthday candles stands at over 70,000.

maine, united states, america

A well-known National Park


Afrikaans was first taught in Muslim schools and was written in Arabic script.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brasilia,  capital

Rio de Janeiro is not the capital city.

british museum, british museum london, sutton hoo british museum, hokusai british museum, british mu

The British Museum gate was once guarded by a cat named Mike

Kimchi, Korean, healthy, cuisine, vitamin, fiber, vegetables,

Kimchi has existed for almost 1500 years.

braille, blind, shorthand, abbreviated, contracted version

Just because you’re blind doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn math.

khajuraho, city, india, temples

Sculpture of Erotica

Stonehenge, prehistoric, circle of stones, millennia, Neolithic period, monument

Astronomy has long been associated with Stonehenge.

SNow Facts, Facts About Snow, Did you Know

Did you Know? A little water can add up to a lot of snow.

buddhist, emptiness, Marcel, Buddha, religious activities

Not every Buddhist lives the life of a monk.

olive oil

Olive oil contains fatty acids as well as vitamins A and E

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Better chances of winning the lottery than getting into Harvard

Apple custard

Apple custard includes magnesium

abominable snowman

The phrase "abominable snowman" was first used by a newspaper columnist.

The United States

The United States is one of just eight countries in the world that does not mandate paid maternity leave.

summer, summer season, summer carnival

Crickets get chirpy during summer.

monkeypox, disease, africa, infected, cases

Is monkeypox treatable?

Alzheimer's disease.

Education might lower your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.


Women are less likely than men to seek advancement.

queen victoria, queen victoria family tree, who succeeded queen victoria, where is queen victoria bu

Queen Victoria spoke several languages


When Your Iguana Licks You, What Does It Mean?

upsc, cse, aspirants, administrative, services, indian, foregin, services, indiancitizen

Candidates with any educational background are eligible to compete.