hot pocket, hot, warm, chunk stuffers

Snack-sized pockets are now available.

hot pocket, hot, warm, chunk stuffers

Sideshots are no longer available, but updated Snack Bites make it (sort of) acceptable to eat Hot Pockets in between meals. They're similar to Totino's Pizza Rolls, except they come in more varieties, such as Cheesy Beef Nacho, Buffalo-Style Chicken, and Sausage, Egg & Cheese.

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minchyoda, starwars, yoda, theempirestrikes, buffy, vampireslayer

Buffy was Yoda's original name.

spain, italy vs spain, map of spain, spain flag, travel to spain from uk, amazon spain, passenger lo

Christmas is very special in Spain


A manned spacecraft first travelled through the asteroid belt in 1972.

tianna marsh, bmw, new zealand, herald, april fool, tom, bmw newmarket, nissan avenir, vehicle

As an April Fool joke, BMW gave away a new car.

taiwan, china taiwan, is taiwan a country, taiwan news, china taiwan news, taiwan flag, is taiwan pa

Taiwan is the size of Belgium but has 23 million residents

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye Gemstone Promotes Financial Gain

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are problematic.

skin, exfoliate, dull skin, cells, rough skin

The Effects of Secondhand Smoke on Your Skin

ladakh, ladakh facts, facts about ladakh, about ladakh, ladakh fact, ladakh travel, travel ladakh, l

Did you Know? Ladakh has moon like surface

mango, south india, portuguese, maanga, surya bai, king

Mangoes in South India were referred to as aam-kaay in Tamil, which became maam-kaay as a result of the numerous regional dialects there.

hypnotised individual

A hypnotised individual maintains complete control.



 Sound Waves

Why Are Sound Waves Unsuitable for Electricity Generation?


What exactly is monkeypox?

fairyfly, Mymaridae, insects, Chalcid wasp

How Do They Make More?

lebanon, lebanon facts, facts about lebanon,

Did you Know? Lebanons have a french connection

Broccoli, Brassica, oleracea, greens, kale, kohlrabi, cauliflower

Broccoli is genetically identical to kale, cauliflower, kohlrabi, and other Brassicas.

Bronte, sisters, Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily, Pensionnat Héger, Brussels, Belgium, liter

The Bronte sisters struggled with their alcoholic and drug-dependent brother.

Don’t Touch Me

Don’t Touch Me Plant is a very sensitive plant to the touch.

cambodia, Cambodian, joy, country, marriage, culture, lifestyle

There are enormous geckos with different chirps in Cambodia.

maine, united states, america

The most eastern city

tunisia, Arab country, Islam

Tunisian national flag

pirates, eyepatch, fixtional, pirates, national, nationalgeographic, appendages

There were also female pirates.

spirituality, spirituality definition, spirituality vs religion, ignatian spirituality, african spir

Is spirituality a religion?

british museum, british museum london, sutton hoo british museum, hokusai british museum, british mu

The British Museum had its own tube station for over 30 years