hong kong, Special Administrative Region, Republic of China, China, one nation, two systems

Hong Kong was leased to the United Kingdom for 99 years.

hong kong, Special Administrative Region, Republic of China, China, one nation, two systems

A treaty was drafted between the two countries in 1898, leasing Hong Kong to Britain for 99 years. As a result, Hong Kong became a Chinese Special Administrative Region on July 1, 1997.

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The better, the more vitamin D you consume

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cataracts, eye, injury, operation

Nine out of ten patients who undergo cataract surgery regain 20/20 vision.


Wyoming became the first state to allow women to vote.


Dussehra is also known as Vijay Dashmi in some Hindu subcultures,

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Did you Know? Deep-sea volcanoes have yielded the discovery of new creatures.

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Some myths even claim that Goddess Durga visited her birthplace on Earth along with her children Lakshmi, Ganesha, Kartik, and Saraswati

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Annual air pollution limits in London were exceeded five days into 2017.

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The world's shortest train track

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Since ancient times, people have been removing cataracts.

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Mango grafting also benefited from Mughal patronage.

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Sachin, Tendulkar, Achrekar, Shivaji Park, tutored, cricket

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Inuit have creative ways to get about.

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Gabriel Gacía Marquez refuses to allow One Hundred Years of Solitude to be made into a film.

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Walt Disney Was Afraid of Mice

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Pune was regarded as a Paradise for Pensioners.

sunflower, Guinness Book of World Records, flowers, Hans-Peter, Germany

The tallest flower is a sunflower