candle, candles, romans, wax

Your candle won't last longer if you freeze it.

candle, candles, romans, wax

Many claims that before lighting a candle, it will survive longer if it is frozen. Sorry, but that is untrue news!The candle is harmed by freezing because the wax actually 

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Scientists are still perplexed as to why people have diverse blood types in the first place.

 spider bites

Not all spider bites are dangerous.

chia seeds

Yes, chia seeds were used to create chia pets

Anya Hohnbaun, New Zealand, South Africa, sky, Rio de Janeiro

Rio has the world's bluest sky.

manchester, assam, mekhela chadors, gamosas, kamrup

The world’s biggest weaving village “Sualkuchi”

swiggy, swiggy india, swiggy instamart, swiggy delivery, swiggy share price, swiggy food delivery, s

Swiggy has a large executive team in leadership

red lips, lipstick, makeup

Cleopatra's fashionable crimson lip was made of crushed beetles.

Red hair

Red hair is thicker than hair of other colours.

mango, south india, portuguese, maanga, surya bai, king

A Historical Dictionary of Indian Food claims that the Portuguese were the first to use mango grafting.


85 species of krill are recognised.

Pune, India, city

The Oxford of the East is Pune.

crystal, mineral structure, geometry, tetragonal, hexagonal, trigonal, triclinic, monoclinic, healer

It is just as vital to clean crystals as it is to wear them.


Dental crowding is a significant breed issue.

women facts, women sleep, women sleep need, women fact, facts about women , women drinks, women alco

Did you Know? Women are better in reading faces.

venus flytrap

The Venus flytrap was chosen as North Carolina's state carnivorous plant.


fireflies Snails are a favourite food of carnivorous larvae.

pluto, pluto facts, facts about pluto, pluto discovery, pluto fact, space facts, pluto name, pluto h

Scientists discovered the Solar System’s third zone because of Pluto

facts, ghost facts, dolls facts, possessed dolls

Did you Know? A ghost was a boys best friend

hypnotised individual

A hypnotised individual maintains complete control.

moonstone, energy, fortune, spiritual

The moonstone is a feminine gemstone.


The moonstone is a traveler's stone.


The Euphausiacea order include crustaceans like the krill, which resemble shrimp.

the great sphinx of giza, who built the great sphinx of giza, the great sphinx of giza facts, how ol

The Great Sphinx of Giza is technically not a sphinx.

law of attraction, manifestation, secret, universe, spirituality, energy, plato, greek

Mirror Neurons Aid in Explaining the Spread of Positive Vibrations