Chia has a lot of selenium.


Selenium is an essential antioxidant for cell metabolism. This antioxidant is typically difficult to locate in meals, but chia seeds are an excellent source.

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Did you Know? Metabolism May Be Affected by Vitamin D


Did you know that Genghis Khan killed Behtar, his half-brother?

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Cricket is still deadly.


Why flamingos balance on one foot is a mystery.

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Jingdezhen is the most well-known city for Chinese porcelain.


Collagen promotes elastin production.


Your gums should not be bloody when you brush or floss your teeth.


Blueberry's cousin is the cranberry.

 Windows 10

You Can Install Windows 10 Using a USB Flash Drive.

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James Bond Wore a Toupe

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James Cameron Drew That Charcoal of Naked Kate Winslet

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You shouldn’t capitalize “braille.”

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Did you Know? Black sea is the world’s largest inland body of water.


Eyebrows have a crucial function.

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Fiat owns a significant portion in Ferrari.

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Male seahorses are the only organisms in the marine ecosystem that give birth to and care for their offspring!

Red hair

Red hair can develop in people of any ethnicity.

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Candy Corn was originally called Chicken Feed

The Inuit

The Inuit do not kiss by rubbing their noses together.


The term "soufflé" is the past participle of the French verb "souffler."

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Sunflower is an Edible Flower.

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Did you Know? The pharse, "steal my thunder" was originated with Macbeth.

Fragrant Harbour

'Fragrant Harbour' is what Hong Kong signifies.