summer, summer season, summer carnival

First day of summer.

summer, summer season, summer carnival

The astronomical summer began on June 21 this year, making it the first day of summer. The cosmic schedule decides the seasons because of the 23.5 levels of slant of the World's hub, in its circle around the Sun. On June 1, the meteorological summer begins. Each meteorological season lasts for three months. They are in sync with the Gregorian calendar, making it simpler to compare monthly and seasonal statistics for observing and forecasting.

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Around 1844, the first three-row bristle toothbrush was invented.

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Tragic occurrences contribute to the development of conspiracy ideas.


Switzerland has 208 mountains and some of Europe's highest peaks.

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Spain is the home of the world’s second most widely-spoken language

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Allahabad University – Fourth Oldest University in India


Braille takes up more space than the traditional alphabet

Girls' School

In Pune, the First Girls' School in India was established.

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There are at least three Santa Clauses on the planet.

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Perseus Used Medusa’s Head to Neutralize His Enemies

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The first Hindi typewriter was introduced in the 1930s.

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As an April Fool joke, BMW gave away a new car.


Ulcers spread to further areas of the human body.

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A 155-year-old mousetrap successfully caught a mouse in 2016.


T-shirts made of bamboo

Walt Disney

"Walt Disney almost made a living by peddling vacuum cleaners. "


Crocheting encourages more crocheting.

T-shirts, t shirts, tshirts, tshirt facts

Did you Know? T-shirts evolved from undergarments

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Did you Know about The Love Triangle of Lady Death, Deadpool, and Thanos