The International Book Fair in Kolkata


An enormous number of visitors from all around the world attend the annual Kolkata International Book Fair. The book fair is the nirvana that book enthusiasts around the world have been waiting for, with little magazine stands and foreign bookstores.

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Soap and dynamite have a long history together.


Keeping a Diary Is Helpful

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Did you Know? The Shrine Eternal is the renowned Somnath temple.


Baba Marta is a fun holiday.

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Picky eaters have the potential to be "supertasters."

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Forest covers more than half of Sweden.

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Is dust an asthma trigger?

Vatican City

There is no permanent citizenship in Vatican City.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a source of hydropower.

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Chocolate can help in preventing tooth decay.


A family with an Oscar


Is it possible to catch freshwater flatfish?

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This man has the Stretchiest skin you could ever see!

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Democrats put more stock in astrology.

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Pirates wore earrings to ward off seasickness.

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Petra was built in the honor of the sun


Chia belongs to the mint family.


What Is the Difference Between Toffee and Butterscotch?

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Did you Know? Assassin's Creed have been 20 games on 15 platforms

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Roses are one of the oldest flowers .

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The ball was a no -show on New Year's Eve 1942 and 1943


A LOT of graffiti is present in Pompeii


Eczema Comes in a Variety of Forms.


Persian rugs require little upkeep