maine, united states, america

There are several lakes and rivers.

maine, united states, america

Maine includes about 2500 lakes, as well as over 5000 rivers and streams. Maine has a large river system that spans over 32,000 miles. The Saint John River, which runs for 418 miles and essentially divides Maine from Canada, is the longest of these. It is known as the "Wolastoq" by the Maliseet, which means "bountiful and good" in Maliseet.

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 low-income countries

In low-income countries, just fifty-five girls continue their education after high school for every hundred boys.

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A Famous Pulp Fiction Scene Was Shot Backwards

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Be respectful of Buddha pictures and Buddhist symbols.

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Anaximander Of Miletus (c.610-c.546 BCE)

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Only Harlots wore lipstick in ancient Greece.


When Your Iguana Licks You, What Does It Mean?

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High-rise bamboo!

Birmingham, Venice, Italy, United Kingdom, England

Cluedo originated in Birmingham.

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Did you Know? Italy was under a dictatorship for 20 years

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Did you Know? OM is the sound of Universe


In Tokyo, English is not widely spoken.

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Fun Fact! James Bond enjoys visiting Disney World.

maine, united states, america

The most eastern city

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Can I use the same machine to process multiple raw materials?

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Did You Know? Love is chemically addictive


Chinese people invented toothbrush bristles.

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Did you Know? Arsenal is the world's deepest metro station.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney didn't start out as a major artist with Mickey Mouse.


Surgery on the pancreas is extremely challenging.

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Hornets were utilised as a weapon of war by the Mayans.

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Blue is the favorite color of whole of the world.

Gundam Technology

Gundam Technology is founded on actual science.

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Geffen had low hopes for Nevermind.


Persians were also recognised as innovators in the fields of refrigeration, cooling, and ventilation.