bangkok, bhat, coins, tourist, wat phra kaew, wat saket, wat benjamabophit, wat arun, redbull, thai

Bangkok is the Massage paradise of the World

bangkok, bhat, coins, tourist, wat phra kaew, wat saket, wat benjamabophit, wat arun, redbull, thai

The phrase 'Thai massage' has become famous all over the world with good reason - you can find massage parlors spread across the city, catering to all kinds of budgets and needs. From hour-long reflexologists to day-long pampering, you're sure to find something to release that tension from your muscles. If you're looking for a luxurious experience, Urban Oasis, Health Land and Body Tune are some of the chains to look at. In the early years, Thai massage parlors were notorious for doubling up as brothels, but effective government action has ensured you can let your body unwind with complete peace of mind. 


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