love is crazy, crazy love, love can make you crazy, love fact, love drug, love ocd, OCD, ocd love

Did you Know? Being in love is biochemically the same as having a severe obsessive compulsive disorder.

love is crazy, crazy love, love can make you crazy, love fact, love drug, love ocd, OCD, ocd love

"It's often said that when you're in love, you go a little insane." Donatella Marazziti, the person who discovered this fact, stated, "That could be true." People have speculated that the early stages of love are neurochemically similar to obsessions, which led them to consider the possibility that they are. Neuroscientists have linked the 5-HT serotonin transporter to neuroticism, sexual behaviour, and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). A study was conducted with 20 subjects who had recently fallen in love and unmedicated OCD patients, and it was discovered that both groups had significantly lower 5-HT transporter density. As a result, your brain views love and obsession in the

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